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The cornerstone of our success is our people – the commitment, experience, skills and expertise they bring to the manufacturing process. Our production capabilities extend across a variety of food platforms which highlight the diversity of our manufacturing processes and competencies. Our teams continually deliver operational excellence in both the core formats as well as with onboarding new products and processes. Our manufacturing teams collaborate cross functionally across the supply chain to deliver customer service and safe, quality food.

man operating a dough machine

Dough Mixing

  • Batch
  • Continuous


  • Dough
  • Batter


  • Cold, Low-Pressure, Twin-Screw
  • Cold, High-Pressure Single-Screw







  • Topical Oil & Seasoning
  • Slurry Seasoning

Air Popping

Topical Particulate Application


  • Caramel/Candy
  • Chocolate Enrobing
  • Chocolate Drizzling


  • Slicing
  • Chipping
  • Cubing
  • Shredding

Multi-Component Blending (Snack mix blending)

  • Batching, Blending (Horizontal Ribbon + multi-Component)
  • Filling (Super Sack, 50lbs, Retail)
  • Batching
  • Mixing
  • Blending
  • Depositing
  • Gauging/Sheeting
  • Cutting
  • Cooking
  • Cooling
  • Freezing
  • Stacking
  • Picking
  • Organizing/Indexing
  • Molded Chocolate Bars / Layered Bars
    – Paste Transfer
    – Heating
    – Pumping
    – Mixing
    – Blending
    – Tempering
    – Cooking
    – Depositing
    – Sheeting
    – Cooling
    – Forming
  • Frosting/Glaze
    – Mixing
    – Heating
    – Liquification
    – Cooling
    – Whipping
    – Filling

Certifications & Food Safety

Senior management is committed to fostering a robust and proactive food safety culture. This commitment drives regulatory compliance, certification excellence, and continuous improvement. Our Food Safety Team has the skills and experience to meet the highest food safety and quality standards.

  • SQF Level 3 – Food Safety & Quality
  • AIB Certified
  • USDA Organic
  • RSPO – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Kosher
Hand measuring ingredients
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U logo
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Technical leadership with extensive knowledge of all phases of packaging development from material selection, component design, line trials, and implementation. Capable of creating the ideal solution or providing guidance to optimize the current package. Packaging focuses on new product introductions, line extensions, cost savings initiatives, productivity, and quality improvements.

Robotic arm moving boxes on the factory floor

Primary Packaging

Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging (Pillow Bag, Gusseted Bag)

  • Retail Products 0.5oz-30oz
  • Food Service and Club Store Products 0.5oz-3lbs.
  • Dry Powder Mix and Liquid Fill 1-10lbs.

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Bagging (Stand Up Pouch with hole punch, zipper, tear notch)

  • Retail Products 0.5oz-30oz

Flow Wrapping and Shrink Bundling

  • Confection/Bars 0.5oz – 6.8oz
  • Frozen Products 2.5oz – 12.5oz

Wicketed Bagging

  • Baked Products

Cup/Container Filling and Shrink Sleeving

  • Single Serve Snack Cups, Die cut Lidding Application
  • Multi-serve Containers, Lidding Film, Capping

Secondary Packaging


  • End Load Cartons
  • Bag in Box, Multicomponent Product Kits
  • Club Size Dual Pack Products
  • Top Load Cartons and Display Trays
  • Tri seal cartons, Six corner Beers

Tertiary Packaging

  • Automated, Semi-Auto, and Manual Case Pack
  • Tray and Bundle Wrap


  • Promotional – Canisters, Buckets, etc.
  • Point of Purchase
  • Club Store Pallet Displays

Bulk Packaging

  • Multiwall Paper Pinch Bottom Bags – Dry Mix 19-50lbs.
  • Super Sacks – Up to 2500lbs Dry Mix
  • Corrugated Totes 300-1400lbs


We offer an end-to-end view of your supply chain and logistics needs. Our current capabilities and solutions will ensure that your supply chain is designed to meet the demands of your business along with your customers.

  • AIB food grade distribution
  • Allergen controlled storage capabilities
  • Multi-temp warehousing and Transportation
  • Direct shipments available
  • Supply chain solutions to optimize material flow
  • Warehouse design capabilities
Boxes stored in a warehouse

Research & Development

We have a comprehensive team of Research & Development Specialists from a variety of backgrounds at our R&D center ready to partner on product development and innovation. From ideation to full scale production, we can provide turnkey innovation solutions.


  • Ideation
  • Culinary Expertise
  • New Product Development
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Shelf-Life Evaluation
  • Pilot Line Capability
  • Specification Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Plant Trial & Testing
  • Commercialization
  • Product Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Troubleshooting


  • Bakery Mixes & Dry Blends
  • Baked Goods – Fresh & Frozen
  • Seasoning Blends
  • Molded Bars Confectionary
  • Chocolate Enrobing & Drizzling
  • Seasoned Popcorn
  • Caramel Corn
  • Pretzels & Snack Components
  • Snack Mix Blending & Seasoning
  • Inclusions
  • Frozen Breakfast Foods
  • Frozen Dough
  • Glaze and frosting
Hand grinding ingredients with a mortal and pestle


As an integral business partner, Engineering has the process, mechanical, and electrical expertise, and experience to quickly provide project feasibilities, capital assessments, and estimates.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development & New Technology
  • Trial & Commercialization Support
  • Specification/Technical Documentation
  • Graphics & Artwork Review & Approval
  • Troubleshoot Quality Concerns
  • Cost Savings Initiatives
  • Capital Project Management
Three men reviewing engineering documents