Close up photo of pretzels drizzled with icing

What We Make

Food Categories

Seasoned popcorn kernels
Seasoned Popcorn
Caramel corn kernels
Caramel Corn
Pretzels and Snack Components
Red coloured inclusions
Snack mix
Snack Mix Blending & Seasoning
Three chocolate bars
Molded Bars Confectionary
Chocolate coated pretzels
Chocolate Enrobing & Drizzling
Three pancakes on a plate with melting butter
Frozen Breakfast Foods
Pile of frozen pizza dough
Frozen Dough
Four scones on a plate with jam
Fresh and Frozen Baked Goods
Donuts with coloured frosting and sprinkles
Glaze and Frosting

Dry Mixes

A slice of chocolate cake with chocolate icing
Bakery Mixes & Dry Blends
Seasoning Blends
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For the past 100 years, Roskam has grown into a food manufacturing company with an industry-leading reputation for quality and reliability.